Monday, 19 May 2008

Yechidus 13 Tammuz 5741

Here is a recording of a yechidus in English from 13 Tammuz 5741 with The Lubavitch Senior Girls School from London.

Special thanks to Rabbi Shmuel Lew and Rabbi Pinny Lew for the recording.


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this.

the group consisted of class 5 (9 year olds) from "135" and 4 boys from class 6 (Dovid Paley one of them) and 2 from class 7. The Rebbe gave out the siddur to all boys and girls under bar mitzvah at the farbrengen of erev shvuos. the group from london, received an additional siddur (via mazkirus) before the farbrengen. this was the first group of children to vist the Rebbe from the UK and it was the first group bichlal following Simchas Torah Lamed Ches.

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