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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

19 Adar-Sheni 5711

A post Purim letter to Shlomo Carelbach's Chassidus group.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Purim Related Hagoho

A belated Purim related hagoho. I'm guessing it is from Di Yiddishe Heim.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Necessity to Learn Chassidus

In this letter the Rebbe strongly advocates the necessity to learn Chassidus from a purely halachik perspective. The writing style is also more forceful than is usual in the English letters.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The story behind the Rebbes second Megila

Purim 5724
(the old Megila, note 'aseres bnei homon' on its own 'amud')

On the eve of Purim 5729 (1969) the Rebbe entered the Shul for the reading of Megila, with a new Megila enclosed in a silver case. This Megila was given to the Rebbe by Rabbi Getzel Rubashkin z"l.

Interestingly, the Rebbe seemingly changed from his usual practice of not using a sliver case etc.[1] (as we can see from the older Megilas case in the first picture), and accepted the case made of silver.

Purim 5729
the new Megila in it's silver case.

Here’s the story of the Megila as told by Reb Getzels daughter, Mrs. R. Duchman;

“My father bought a Megila from a well-known sofer (scribe). When he showed his new Megila to Reb Yeshaya Matlin z”l (who was also a sofer), Reb Yeshaya commented that it was written beautifully, and that even the Rebbes Megila is not as beautiful.

“Hearing that, my father decided to buy a Megila for the Rebbe from the same sofer”.

Rabbi Groner adds that when Reb Getzel brought the new Megila to the Rebbe [2] the Rebbe took out 50 dollars; quoting the verse “Sone matonos yichye” (“He who hates gifts will live”)[3], but Reb Getzel refused the money. The Rebbe insisted that he would not accept the Megila unless Reb Getzel took the money, so he finally consented. However, as he left the Rebbes room, he went into the “Merkos” office and “returned” the money he had just received as donation[4].

[2] If I’m not mistaken RG presented the Megila to the Rebbe, just before the Rebbe left his room to hear the reading of the Megila on Purim eve. – Ed.

[3]Mishlei ch.15, vs.27, see Megila 28,a.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Purim 5700

One Friday morning when I was a bochur in Montreal, Reb Volf Greenglass called me to his house and handed me a double sided page of a sicha and hagoho. He told me I could make a copy and I should make sure to return it to him before Shabbos. Interestingly, he received it as a present from the Rebbe. The Rebbe actually gave him two pages, however, one of them he had already given as a gift to someone.

The transcript was originally edited by the Frierdike Rebbe in pencil and then it went through a further hagoho by the Rebbe in blue pen. You can see how the Rebbe has written over the pencilled hagoho to make it clearer in some places.

I believe it was printed already, however, I think I have the clearest copy as I took it from the original.

It is one of my most prized possessions.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Volcanoes, All is G-d, Chassidus

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the original letter, however, I am confident it is a word for word copy of the original (although the end of the third point is somewhat unconventional for the Rebbe's letters). All three points are illuminating.

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Blogger Problem

Sorry, I'm having trouble uploading files to blogger at the moment, hope to have some new posts up as soon as the problem is resolved.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Don't abandon the front, call out reserves!

Here's the Rebbe's classic approach to moving from where one is needed most.
This letter was first published in a 'Teshura' (11 Elul 5763).

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

27 Adar I 5752

"ער האט אלץ באווארנט"

In connection with Chof Zayin Adar Rishon, here's a letter dated 17 Adar 5710, regarding the present time.


יעויין שם פי"א, וז"ל: המלך שהוא בחיר העם וגדל מהם... ובשביל ניצוח המנגד הרי מבזבז כל סגולות האוצרות... הנאסף... מדור אחר דור... ועוד יותר שגם חייו משליך המלך מנגדו... מפקיר את חייו... פותחים את האוצרות... והכוונה בזה הם אנשי החיל שהם דוקא עושים את הנצחון.

הרי לנו כולנו רמז ביאור מה שאירע, הוראה כללית באיזה דרך עלינו ללכת, והבטחה בפשיטות שפתחו בשביל כאו"א מאתנו "סגולות האוצרות דהון יקר הנאסף והנקבץ במשך כמה שנים מדור אחר דור" כי בני ישראל הם "אנשי החיל שהם דוקא עושים הנצחון".

כהנ"ל אינו זקוק להסברה, כי פשוט הוא וכשיתפסו, אז מ'וועט עס נעמען, בכח הראי', כמבואר בשיחה פי"ד, אז ילך לבטח לעבוד בקדש ותהי' העבודה בהצלחה, היינו מתאמת לרצון כ"ק מו"ח אדמו"ר הכ"מ.

I couldn't find this letter printed in Igros, but the hand written addition is very similar to a letter written on the same day to Rabbi Michoel Lipsker a"h (vol.3 letter תקסח).
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Monday, 3 March 2008

Precision Editing

Here is another editing from Talks & Tales, this time a purim related story.

Saturday, 1 March 2008


Produced below are 3 pages of editing on an article in Talks & Tales about fish. The Rebbe corrects both grammer and content to an amazing level of detail.