Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Volcanoes, All is G-d, Chassidus

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the original letter, however, I am confident it is a word for word copy of the original (although the end of the third point is somewhat unconventional for the Rebbe's letters). All three points are illuminating.


Anonymous said...

looks more like a letter of the type published in the Kfar Chabad - "skeletons" or better yet, sketches of ideas the Rebbe sared in summary to the Mazkir {Mindel - A"h} and probably not actually sent out in its final form as published here.

yechikel said...

the third point is not so novel, you find it always in igros

shmulik said...

in The letter and the spirit page 163 is the second point of the letter, but not word for word (which might relate to the first comment).
in letters from the rebbe vol 1 no. 29 page 58 are the first 2 points of the letter word for word.