Monday, 3 March 2008

Precision Editing

Here is another editing from Talks & Tales, this time a purim related story.


yehupitz said...

There is something almost tragic about this: Was there nobody else in all of Chabad-dom who could do basic proof-reading?

Montreal'er said...

Keshomo kein hu -"Yehupitz"!?!

itche newman said...

the rebbe complained about that aswell. (binogeiah lekutei sichos)

did the rebbe edit every talks and tales?

Reuven said...

it seems that the Rebbe edited all printed material that was published in the name of lubavitch, including the talks, the shmuessen, di yiddishe heim, tzach brochures etc. etc.
Gershon Mendel told me that he got something translated into Italian and sent it to the Rebbe and it came back with a complete hagoho correcting all the grammar, and it was translated by a professional as well.

itche newman said...


do you have the Italian hagoho? that would be interesting to see.

i once heard something about the rebitzen editing the talks (or one of the sections), ever heard anything about that?

p.s. yasher koach for all your posts, i enjoy everyone. keep it up.

Montreal'er said...


Check out this link for the story of the Italian Tanya, (pg. 18)

Shmuel said...

Very interesting!
Two points:
1) The Rebbe's style is very clear - anything that is not noigei'a to the hemshech of the story should not be included as it will only confuse the reader.
2) On the last page the Rebbe did not remove the words "on the wall" (clock) as he did on the first page. Is there a difference between the two? or does the Rebbe leave this for the editor to figure out?

Anonymous said...

The rebetzin is nissan mindels rebatzin!

Famous mistake.