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The story behind the Rebbes second Megila

Purim 5724
(the old Megila, note 'aseres bnei homon' on its own 'amud')

On the eve of Purim 5729 (1969) the Rebbe entered the Shul for the reading of Megila, with a new Megila enclosed in a silver case. This Megila was given to the Rebbe by Rabbi Getzel Rubashkin z"l.

Interestingly, the Rebbe seemingly changed from his usual practice of not using a sliver case etc.[1] (as we can see from the older Megilas case in the first picture), and accepted the case made of silver.

Purim 5729
the new Megila in it's silver case.

Here’s the story of the Megila as told by Reb Getzels daughter, Mrs. R. Duchman;

“My father bought a Megila from a well-known sofer (scribe). When he showed his new Megila to Reb Yeshaya Matlin z”l (who was also a sofer), Reb Yeshaya commented that it was written beautifully, and that even the Rebbes Megila is not as beautiful.

“Hearing that, my father decided to buy a Megila for the Rebbe from the same sofer”.

Rabbi Groner adds that when Reb Getzel brought the new Megila to the Rebbe [2] the Rebbe took out 50 dollars; quoting the verse “Sone matonos yichye” (“He who hates gifts will live”)[3], but Reb Getzel refused the money. The Rebbe insisted that he would not accept the Megila unless Reb Getzel took the money, so he finally consented. However, as he left the Rebbes room, he went into the “Merkos” office and “returned” the money he had just received as donation[4].

[2] If I’m not mistaken RG presented the Megila to the Rebbe, just before the Rebbe left his room to hear the reading of the Megila on Purim eve. – Ed.

[3]Mishlei ch.15, vs.27, see Megila 28,a.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to inform you but you're story is wrong in many points. First of all the megillah was not delivered to the Rebbe personally but by a grandson of his to the Rebbe's house. When that night the Rebbe had not come out with it Reb Getzel was very worried, but later had received a message that af a mitzvah darf men tzollen and that is when his grandson that had delivered it had returned to the Rebbe's house and the Rebbetzin had given him EIGHTEEN Dollars and not 36 but other than that the people and the year are correct. and just by the way the meghillah was written by The Sofer Rabbi Zirkand and the Ksav is Alter Rebbe's Ksav.

montrealer said...

thank you for the corrections!

Anonymous said...

The bottom picture is from Purim 5729

The child in the picture