Saturday, 7 February 2009

Neheneisi Oineg Rav

Here is an unprinted letter from the Rebbe to R' Volf Greenglass dated 7th Adar 5715(6?). The bochur referenced in the last paragraph is R' Nisan Mangel and the ksav yad shows us how much the Rebbe appreciates receiving kisvei yad.


Anonymous said...

The words on the left side are cut off a bit.

Do you have it with the side as well? If so, bakashasi sh'tucha to upload it again, l'tovas Tzibur HaTzamei l'Divrei Rabbeinu.

Ta"ch M'Rosh!

Reuven said...

unfortunately, what you see is what I have. many of the letters i have were copied like that and are missing the side, although it is usually possible to work out what is there.

Anonymous said...

Takeh, one of RNM's sons told me recently, that he's seen - or at least heard of - this particular letter.

Anonymous said...

its printed in chelek 21 letter 8047 (as 5715) without the paragraph about the problematic bochur , with nisan mangels name, from tzadik lamelech #4

Montreal'er said...

To note:
The Ksav Yad the referring to here is from RA"D Lavut (The Rebbe's Elter Zeide).

Reb Volf worked on getting it from his grandsons that lived in Montreal.

They're mentioned in other letters as well.