Tuesday, 18 November 2008

10 Kislev 5704

Here is a letter from the Rebbe to R' Shmuel Zalmanov dated 10th Kislev 5704 with additions in the Rebbe's ksav yad kodesh. The letter is printed in Igros Kodesh v.1 p.201, however, if you look carefully some of the ksav yad wasn't copied correctly.


Anonymous said...

this letter was printed

Anonymous said...

To anon 16:22 -

You mean [printed] in Igro"K? The site says it wasn't ne'etak 100% correct there.

Do you rememeber where it was printed? As tzilum or not?

Todah M'Rosh!

Montreal'er said...

It was printed in a Teshura for 19 Kislev 5761 in Tzfas you can veiw it on Teshura.com.