Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Bochurim Lameds

Please identify the bochurim in the picture in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Elsewhere, this photo was posted as well. Several hash'oros were made there -- but of the most definite:

The YOUNGER bochurim (R-L): Shmuly (ben R' Shimon) Goldman; Dovid ("Dovke") a"h (ben - yibadel l'chaim, R' Moshe) Marasow; Shmuel Pewsner (shochet in Pennsylvania); One of the Zirkinds (Yaakov Mendel or ShaZa"K).

Also, the year was approx. 5736, as the (younger) group are now l'erech 47-49 years old.

The indefinite hash'oros, were that the (older) bochurim on the left (R-L): Reitzes; Lezell.

Besides the hash'oro, Sasam v'lo peirash - which Reitzes?

Also, on the above: Who is Shmuel Pewsner? Possibly mixed with the shliach in Harrisburg, Pa. with the same name. (Is he takeh a shochet?)

Anonymous said...

Shuldik mir, it's Shmuel Lezell (l'fi the above hash'oro I brought).

Anyone else know anyone there?