Wednesday, 20 February 2008


It has been brought to my attention in the comments that the Brook note on V'atah Tetzaveh has been posted on chabad info. They didn't have the decency to say where they got it from, however, I'm not really that bothered. None of the things I have really belong to me, not that I stole them, but rather I received copies either from the original recipients or through many hands. Therefore, most of my material can be found in any collectors archive and i'm just using this medium to share it with more people.

I don't plan on marking all the material to help perpetuate my name, however, if any other site editors wish to use material that I post, please have the decency to quote the source, so I can welcome more knowledgeable people to my blog.


Anonymous said...

This has been printed before in many places. Why do you assume that they took it from you?

Montreal'er said...


What ever happened to "Chassidishe gneiva"?!?!