Sunday, 24 February 2008

Michtav Kloli 10 Iyar 5710

Three months after Yud Shevat the Rebbe sent a michtav kloli to many individuals and added postscripts relevant to that individual.

The letter itself is printed in Igros Kodesh v. 3 p. 288 and the notes on the first two letters are printed there too. However, the notes on letter one were not transcribed with the correct punctuation, there is a very geshmake brocho before the signature on the second which is not printed and as far as I'm aware the whole note on the third letter has not been printed.

Please correct me in the comments if it was printed somewhere.


Montreal'er said...

The third letter was printed in kovetz haorois hatmimim Montreal yud shvat 5760, and is addressed to Rabbi M.C. Sapotchkinski shlit"a of Montreal.

Lynne said...

You write very well.